Molly Cernik

Molly Cernik came from the desert, and part of her is still there. Since leaving, though, she has studied literature, literary craft, philosophy, and emotion, and earned an MA from NYU by talking in detail about how scary stories made her feel. She uses the things she learned to edit horror and sci-fi novels, and in so doing helps readers and writers alike find solace in terror. She’s been editing since 2016 and focuses on editing horror and science fiction, with special attention to characterization, world-building, and preserving the author’s vision. No matter how much she edits, she still gets the heebie-jeebies.You can reach her at:

Molly led HWA GV Chapter members through an interactive 30 minute PowerPoint presentation on February 28/2024 entitled Tools for Reader Investment & Immersive Fiction: Reinventing Fiction Craft from Philosophy, showing how imagination, phenomenology, affect theory, and more strengthen a writer’s work. The PowerPoint slides are available here: